A Czech firm of international usurers has been financing a pro-China propaganda campaign

10. 12. 2019

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A PR agency, financed by Home Credit, a loan shark firm owned by the richest Czech, the oligarch Petr Kellner, which operates primarily in China, has been organising a pro-China propaganda campaign in the Czech Republic. Documentary evidence for this has been obtained by the Aktualne.cz website.


Home Credit has hired the C&B Reputation Management agency and tasked it to construct a positive image of the Chinese communist regime in the Czech Republic. According to documents covering the period from April to August 2019, Home Credit paid the PR agency for almost two thousand hours of work to disseminate pro-Chinese propaganda during this period. The PR agency placed positive pro-China propaganda in the Czech media and attacked the critics of the undemocratic practices of China.

Kellner's Home Credit needs good relations with the Chinese communist regime because it has provided loans of more than 12 billion euros to Chinese citizens. Home Credit cannot operate with China without the support of the Chinese communist authorities.

In order to counter the work of Sinopsis an independent centre of Chinese studies at Prague University, the C&B Reputation Management agency has created and has been financing  Sinoskop - The Institute for Contemporary China. This organisation is headed by the Chinese expert Vít Vojta, who has been working as an interpreter for Czech politicians and the Czech President Miloš Zeman during their trips  to China. The C&B Reputation Management agency has been editing pro-Chinese articles published on the Sinoskop website. C&B Reputation Management agency has asked various Czech public figures who have had contact with China to write positive articles for Sinoskop.  It has created acelebrity image for Vít Vojta as a top Chinese expert in the Czech Republic. C&B PR operatives have been writing emails which then Vojta sends to various Czech journalists in support of the pro-China campaign. C&B Reputation Management agency has charged Home Credit for a number of articles and interviews published by the Czech media in 2019.

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