Czech Prime Minister Sobotka: We do not want more muslims in the Czech Republic

25. 8. 2017

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"The Visegrád Group (Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia) has a common position to the EU refugee quotas: we refuse them. We would appreciate  if Europe protected its external borders better," said Czech Social Democratic Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka in an interview with  the Austrian newspaper Die Presse.

Sobotka continued: "It must be clear that distribution of refugees is not an incentive for illegal immigration. I am convinced that in the European asylum policy, compulsory quotas will not play any role in the future. The admission of refugees should always remain within the competence of the national states. We all too often see problems with the integration of people coming from a different cultural or religious environment.

We see problems in other European countries and so we do not want more Muslims in the Czech Republic. We help people coming from Eastern Europe.

As far as the contribution to the solution of the migration crisis is concerned, the Czech Republic is one of the most active EU members: We are among the largest financial supporters of the Libyan coast guard, refugee camps in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan. And we sent policemen to protect the Balkan borders."

Sobotka also rejected the idea that the Czech Republic should  distance itself from Poland and Hungary and to assume a more pro-European attitude. He said:  

"The problems in Poland and Hungary do not exceed the level at which we would have to react dramatically. And if we reacted, we would first enter into dialogue with our partners."

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