Facebook allows the dissemination of shocking lies about covid in non-English languages

10. 7. 2021 / Jan Čulík

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(A more detailed analysis of this problem in Czech is HERE)

Facebook keeps saying that it removes covid disinformation from its pages. In non-English languages, this is simply not true. The Czech anti-disinformation group"the Czech elves" systematically analyses the Facebook pages in the Czech and Slovak languages. The analysts  regularly find a large number of gross examples of disinformation which Facebook, disgracefully, has failed to remove.

Here are some of the examples:


- vaccination is dangerous, it kills.

- the discrimination of non-vaccinated people is outrageous

- Covid is not dangerous, it is just a mild flu.

- The Delta variant is much less dangerous than previous variants, as is shown by the drop of the number of deaths in the UK (the argument ignores the fact that the decrease of deaths in the UK has been caused by wide vaccination)

"The number of hospitalised patients is dropping while the number of the delta variant infections  is rising." - hence, the delta variant is not dangerous at all:

- "Britain has scored a victory over covid by declaring it is just a flue. Britain is free because it has left  the EU."

There are calls for violent resistance.

"Do go into shops without masks. The more of us there are, the more people will breathe freely!" 


- Vaccinated people are fat and unhealthy, fit people are unvaccinated, they lead healthy lives unlike the vaccinated people, yet they are being ostracised:

Vaccinated people are fat and unhealthy, while healthy unvaccinated people are being ostracised

 anti-covid measures are totalitarian, they are Nazism:



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